IDS Astra Integrates Appleton Camping Center

Appleton was not running smoothly with two disparate systems in charge of their data. By moving to IDS Astra, Appleton experienced the benefits of an integrated system that not only saved time and money, but helped the dealership grow as well.

Before purchasing Astra, Maury Wiese had two systems running his dealership – one for Parts & Service and another for the Accounting department. As owner of Appleton Camping Center Inc., Wiese wanted “one integrated system, because having the two systems was a nightmare.”

Wiese said, “I’d heard within the industry that IDS was the best – its Astra system was consistent, worked well, and was good for dealerships with several locations as well as those with one location, like Appleton.”

With the implementation of the Astra system Appleton employees are more productive. “The Parts and Service department loves the convenience of Astra, and Accounting says it cuts time so they can get more done. They don’t have to do a manual GL anymore,” remarked Wiese.

“Having an integrated dealership gives us solid numbers – they’re 100% accurate. Before Astra I couldn’t count on the numbers – but now since I know the GL is solid, I can be confident in basing my important decisions on its data.”

Appleton also uses FIpoint, the IDS F&I tool that integrates with Astra. “FIpoint saves my dealership a lot of time,” said Wiese. “Before the time spent on manual entry was ridiculous. FIpoint computes and delivers a deal in minutes.”

Wiese intends to grow his dealership with Astra’s additional features. “We are eager to implement all parts of Astra,” stated Wiese. “We’re not using the Prospecting function yet, but we’re looking forward to doing so. We’re chomping at the bit to do more marketing, and will put Prospecting to use because it will help enormously.”

He is excited to continue learning about IDS Astra’s capabilities in the areas Appleton already uses. “We’re planning to go deeper into Astra’s functions, especially within the GL and Accounting,” said Wiese. “We know Astra does more than what we’re using, and we’re eager to go down that road. I like that Astra grows along with us – it’s vital for our dealership.”

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