IDS’s Dockslips System Benefits MarineMax Brick

“The IDS Dealer Management Software Dockslips System is GREAT and it’s hassle free. The graphical ‘hotspot’ view of our slips helps us dramatically better manage the marina availability and contracts. Dockslips makes managing all my monthly invoices and billings a breeze. I love being able to see exactly where I am financially for the marina operations. Also, I must say, it has been wonderful working with IDS.”

Jim Lutz,

“We had Lightspeed prior and we were using our parts inventory to manage the slips. It was tough to keep track of who was in what slip. The IDS Dockslips system definitely helps us better managing the marina. I really like the marina map because I can see my availability at a glance. Also, it’s fairly easy to use and anyone who can use a PC can learn to use Dockslips.”

Fred Walshak,
Marina Manager

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