Kentucky RV Dealership Creates Unlimited Growth Potential with Astra G2 Upgrade

Summit RV dealer success story

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For nearly 30 years, Summit RV has been recognized as one of Kentucky’s premiere RV dealerships.  The business has seen great success and now occupies 15 acres to keep up with the growing needs of its customer base.

Having used IDS Astra since 1998, General Manager James Bradley and his staff credits the “blue screen” for much of their success.  However, with the expansion, James knew they needed to upgrade to a solution that was more user-friendly for his employees and could serve customers faster. It was time to upgrade to Astra G2.

Thanks to the fully-integrated reporting features, James now has a full understanding of what’s going on in his dealership on a daily basis and can make adjustments accordingly in real time.Results:

Improved Customer Service:

After implementing Astra G2, James and his staff noticed an immediate improvement in the way they were able to serve customers.

Our customer service improved dramatically because we can give customers a faster response,” said James.  “When a customer calls in and has a question, or when employees are looking for information, G2 gives you the ability to see multiple things on one screen rather than going from tab to tab and bouncing back and forth like we did before.

We also implemented IDS CRM and that has made a huge impact on our customer service.  Our sales manager can easily view our leads and how they are being followed up so no one slips through the cracks.  The follow-up reminders keep our staff organized and in tune with our customers.  We can also analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our sales staff and work to help them become more successful.

Complete Visibility into Dealership Performance:

We make it a point to have daily meetings each day and go over what everyone is doing and where they are at. If anything needs to change, then everyone is aware.  What really ties this communication together is the G2 Service Scheduler.  The reports  track what we’re working on today, what we have scheduled for the next days, weeks, months, what parts are on order, work orders that are on hold and so on.  It’s a way of making sure we talk about our daily operations and don’t forget what we have going on.  In service, sometimes you get caught up in everything you need to get done as a whole.  The scheduler will help you organize, plan your day and let you know what’s up next so you can focus on the individual task at hand.

I love that the reports in G2 give you the ability to see what’s going on throughout the entire dealership.  Everything from all departments is right there in front of you.  You can see metrics in your parts department, metrics in your service department, metrics in your sales department and so on.  With those reports, you can find opportunities to increase income.  You can also compare history. As a dealer, you feel like you have a pretty good idea of what’s going on in your dealership, but G2’s reports spell out for you exactly what’s going on.

Organized Service Department:

James and his staff already made it a practice to have daily service meetings to go over tasks.  With the Astra G2 Service Scheduler, they are now able to analyze the tasks at hand and develop a more thorough plan on how to get the most out of their service department.

Faster and Easier Onboarding of New Employees:

Bradley noticed an immediate difference in the ease of use in Astra G2, especially when it comes to training new employees.

We’ve noticed a big difference in the ease of learning the G2 software for new employees who begin working at the dealership. We find they can pretty much start with G2 and go to work. It’s seamless.  We used the ‘blue screen’ for so many years and I loved it, but there was a long learning curve there. With G2, there seems to be a minimal learning curve for new employees.

Download rv dealer success story
Download Summit RV Success Story in PDF

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