Nation’s Largest Family-Owned RV Dealership Turns to IDS to Maximize the Efficiency of its Business Development Center

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To run the nation’s largest family-owned RV dealership, you need a dedicated business development center equipped with a proven dealer management system. With 11 dealerships spread throughout Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Utah and Ohio, General RV has relied on the IDS Astra system for nearly 25 years to help manage its multi-store operations.

The expansion of business combined with a rapidly-growing internet presence has created the need for a quicker turnaround time and follow-up process when it comes to handling customer requests. In order for its business development center to thrive, General RV upgraded to Astra G2 equipped with CRM.

Business Challenge:
Handle the Growing Demands of Dealership Expansion and Web Sales

With multiple dealerships, being able to handle and properly distribute leads and follow up with inquiries in a timely matter is a must. General RV has relied heavily on its business development center to properly handle and distribute leads. However, with a business that’s constantly growing and adding on new locations, it’s become essential for the Head of Operations, Grant Baidas, and his team to have one integrated solution to handle the increased demands of the business.

As we all know the industry is rapidly changing and the internet is becoming more and more prevalent,” said Baidas. “We’re investing in more stores and our website so our customers get the best experience possible. Our business development center allows us to centralize all the leads and all the phone calls coming in one location. This, in return, allows us to better manage our employees and provide a better service to customers in a timely fashion. In order to get the most out of our business development center, we felt that it was essential to provide them with the necessary tools to help the department achieve maximum results. So we upgraded to Astra G2 and its CRM solution.

Results with IDS Astra G2 CRM:
Improved Integrated Lead Distribution within the Dealer Management System

The integration of CRM within Astra G2 has proven to be the biggest benefit for Baidas and his staff. Being able to tie in inquires to its customer database has reduced manual data entry and allows the business development center to properly distribute leads based on location and previous history.

Having everything in one system has been the biggest benefit for us,” said Baidas. “When a lead comes in, it’s automatically searching your system to see if that customer has already been at your store and if you’ve previously given pricing out. It’s also searching your inventory to see if what they are looking for is in stock and readily available. You don’t have to double-input all of a customer’s information. Everything is already right there in front of you and that was huge for us. Time is very valuable and when you’re bouncing back and forth, you become mistake prone. Maybe you didn’t catch something and you end up working harder, not smarter. Having that integration allows everyone to keep on the same page.

Rapid Follow-up:

With integrated CRM, Baidas and his staff can set up processes which allow for rapid response times and automated follow up. This allows General RV to properly address all of its inquiries and provide fast and efficient service to ensure that customers don’t slip through the cracks.

The new CRM system has auto-lead features which allow you to set up activities that go to a salesperson and their specific time zone,” said Baidas. “This means a phone call and email can be set up within a few minutes. Leads just don’t sit there. They automatically go to the salesperson as soon as they come in through email or phone notifications.

IDS G2 with CRM is the best product out there, and I say that with confidence,” added Baidas. “The product has really come a long way and we’re very pleased with it. I would definitely recommend it.

Download rv dealer success story
Download General RV Success Story in PDF

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