Top 50 Minnesota RV Dealership Doubles Contact Base with IDS CRM and its NEW Mobile App

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Hilltop Trailer Sales

Recognized as a Top 50 Dealer by RV Business Magazine, Hilltop Trailer Sales has used 62 years of business expertise to build a loyal customer base in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

With an established reputation for providing quality service, Hilltop thrives on repeat business.  However, if they wanted to grow beyond its core group of customers, the dealership needed a better way to reach the masses in a quick and cost-effective way.  IDS CRM integrated with Astra’s dealer management software solution is proving to be the answer.

Watch a quick video to see how Hilltop Trailer Sales leverages Astra G2 and its integrated CRM solution to double their contact base:

Business Challenge:
Grow Contact Base and Communicate More Effectively

Hilltop used Footsteps as a way to track their contact base and stay in front of customers.  Although useful, it proved to be a time-consuming task having to double-enter everything manually from one contact management program into the Astra dealer management software.  Hilltop decided it needed a more integrated solution to be successful.


IDS CRM Complete with New Mobile App

Hilltop implemented IDS CRM and immediately noticed benefits by growing its lead database directly from the everyday information collected in Astra.  Being able to communicate with more contacts, combined with adding the new mobile app, allows the dealership to reach contacts quicker and more effectively anytime, anywhere.


Flourishing Contact Base and Response Rates 

Improved Contact Database:

With the integration between Astra and IDS CRM, Parts and Service Director Mike Pearo and his staff are now able to easily collect contact emails and sync it directly into CRM for follow-up.

“IDS CRM takes away a lot of double-entry,” said Mike.  “We make sure we capture all our customer data. When we were working with a separate system, we’d have some data in one system and some data in another.  Now everything is in one system.  Since we’ve been on IDS CRM we found that our email list has grown quickly and much better than it did when we were operating with two separate systems.  I’d say it’s doubled in the last two years.”

Rapid Response Time:

The introduction of the IDS CRM mobile app allows Mike and his staff to stay on top of all inquiries and follow up with them in a timely manner.  This results in more business.

“I definitely like it!  The mobile app is very important,” said Mike.  “It allows us to assign leads and track customers after hours, or if a sales manager is away from his desk.  They can still get a lead, we can assign a lead and we can make sure that we respond to that customer very quickly.  We all know the faster we respond to a lead, the better success we’ll have. This mobile app  allows us to get in touch with that lead faster.”

Cost-Effective Communication:

IDS CRM provides email tools that allow for continuous follow-up to a large audience.  By having this system in place, Mike and his staff have greatly reduced costly direct mail campaigns and focus more on email.

“When we do promotions we’ll do an email blast to our entire database,” said Mike.  “We’re now able to reach all of our customers and potential customers really inexpensively through email campaigns.”

Improved Response Rates:

Since implementing IDS CRM and the mobile app, Hilltop is finding that reaching more contacts consistently and at a quicker rate generates more interest and better response rates.

“Since we’ve started emailing and following up with our contacts more consistently, I feel like we’re getting an even greater response from email than direct mail and we’re seeing more success because of it,” added Mike.  “IDS CRM and the mobile app are proving to be very effective for our business.”


Download RV Dealer success story in PDFDownload Hilltop Trailer Sales dealer success story

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