Top 50 RV Dealer Sees Boost in Customer Communication and Sales with the Help of IDS CRM and Astra G2

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Veurinks RV CenterTim Veurink and his staff have worked to make Veurinks’ RV Center a Top 50 dealer by establishing core values and taking proper care of their customers. Now in its 60th year of business, the Grand Rapids, MI, dealership has taken their service further by upgrading to Astra G2 complete with CRM. Since then, they’ve seen an influx of sales and business is continuing to thrive.

Business Challenge:

Streamline Customer Communication in Order to Cut Back on Work and Boost Sales

Tim and his staff already knew the importance of having a CRM in place. However, having a third-party system meant a lot of additional work.

“We had a stand-alone CRM program and the problem was that there was a lot of double entry involved,” said Tim. “We had the customer come into our CRM, but if we did any business with them, we’d have to then enter all of their information manually into Astra.”


Upgrade to IDS CRM and Astra G2

Once IDS introduced CRM, the decision to implement was a no-brainer. Being able to have full integration in customer relations combined with the additional new features offered in G2 prompted the dealership to eliminate its third-party CRM and move exclusively to IDS.

“We were glad when IDS came out with its own CRM,” said Tim. “We really like the system. Our salespeople love using the mobile device to follow up with leads anywhere at any time.”


Increase in Sales

By implementing IDS CRM, Tim and his staff are able to make the most out of each opportunity. CRM combined with the menu selling capabilities available in the F&I module have resulted in more profitability.

“We’re definitely seeing an increase in sales,” said Tim. “We’re in a market where there are some very large dealers that have no problem generating a lot of traffic. We probably don’t generate as much traffic as some of those dealers, so with every opportunity we get it’s important to make the most of it.”

“I like the fact that when a customer is entered into our CRM, we can quickly move them into a sales quote, the sales manager can then load in the trade-in information, payment information and down payment information. The system has also helped our F&I sales a lot. We love the menu that’s on the system. With a click of a mouse our F&I manager can quickly move the customer’s selected products into an F&I quote, show how it will change the customer’s payment or cash price, and send it to the business office. The business office can then easily print the documents, we can move it to a deal, collect money from the customer and then move it to the accounting office.”

Timely Communication

The workflows in IDS CRM allow for consistent communication which allows Tim and his staff to consistently stay in front of their customer base.

“I like it because it holds my salespeople accountable on following up with a customer or prospective buyer so we can meet our value of customer delight,” said Tim. “IDS CRM allows me and our business office to send out emails to customers on a timely basis. We can also type in keywords. If we have a customer looking for a bunk house travel trailer, we can type in bunk house and see all of the customers looking for a bunk house travel trailer, or we can look for all of our customers that already have one. This also provides for improved communication, which can lead to more sales.”

Improved Reporting and Performance Indicators

By having full integration across all departments, Tim can not only pinpoint important areas of his dealership, he can also keep tabs on the business from anywhere at any time.

“There’s just so much there,” said Tim. “At the end of the month I like to use the Exception Report and I would definitely encourage any general manager or owner to use that. The report pulls from your General Ledger and tells you things such as what units are aged, what parts are sold below a targeted margin and what follow-ups aren’t being followed up with. It tells you your cash balances, accounts receivable and accounts payable all in one snapshot.”

“I’d also like to add that this system gives my employees the ability to do a lot without me micro-managing, but at the same time I still have a lot of control. I can be at home or on the road, open up my laptop, quickly access the system and access a lot of key things that I like to look at such as how many sales quotes we did for the day and how many deals are posted for the day.”

Download rv dealer success story Download Veurinks’ RV Success Story in PDF

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