Effective Dealership Software in Austin

As San Jose, Austin is also experiencing a growing market of RV, marine and trailer dealership. This increase in competition requires you to keep up with the market demand. In order to do so, you need to implement latest technology so that your dealership becomes efficient in handling the business processes. IDS has been a pioneer in providing customizable dealership softwares which help to streamline your work. One of their latest offering is the phenomenal Astra G2. This software has been developed keeping in mind the current market structure. Some of the features of this new software package include, payroll functionality, parts and inventory management, prospect management, sales and payment quoting, work order processing, budget forecast etc. Thus with such advanced features, investing in the revolutionary Astra G2 will prove to be extremely beneficial for your dealership.

One of the most important processes for successful running of a dealership is the correct customer relationship management (CRM). Astra G2’s CRM dealership solution has been developed especially to build a larger base of loyal customers who will bring in greater profits. Astra G2’s CRM feature is fully integrated so that any discrepancies such as double entries are eliminated and also provides you with a full transparent view of all the sales processes within the dealership.  Furthermore, the CRM tool also helps in lead management and assignment along with follow-up processes. There are also re-usable email templates for your convenience which are integrated with Outlook. Thus, it is obvious from these features that IDS’s Astra G2is an ideal dealership software for your dealership if you wish to prosper and gain market control.


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