Colton RV – “Since we’ve started using Astra G2, we’ve saved a ton of time!”

Saved So Much Time!

“When we were using IDS-Astra I spent a good part of my time clicking through multiple screens in order to gather information on all open orders, but now with Astra G2 I’m able to see everything that is going on at a moment’s notice. G2 gives Colton RV the ability to see all open work orders at once, with just a click of the button, we get all invoices and open work orders allowing us to be able to see where we are and what jobs might require more attention.

“As a manager I’m able to see everything that is going on at a moment’s notice!”


Visualize Your Business

“With the new visual layout of Astra-G2 our managers can search and organize reports in multiple ways. The system allowed us to find what we need and view it the way we want. By controlling the data we’re able to monitor parts and labor at the same time, or view all open invoices by date or cost. These options allow us to better manage our company which helps us control costs and in turn more profitable.”

“We recommend G2 to any dealership who wants to be more profitable!” Remarkably Easy “The new system is so easy to use… if you can read you can use the software”


About Integrated Dealer Systems

Astra G2 brings a whole new user experience to the industry standard in Dealer Management Software. We’ve completely redesigned Astra, delivering new tools that make it easier than ever before to manage your dealership. Intuitive design & navigation make it easy to use this powerful management software. G2’s new visual dashboard & reporting give you faster access to the information you need to manage effectively & maximize your profits.

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