Dealer reacts favorably to new Astra G2

RALEIGH, N.C. — Dealer reaction has been positive to Integrated Dealer Systems’ new Astra G2 dealership management system, the company announced today.

“G2 has enabled our dealership to become much more efficient because important measurements are available on the dashboard via the Key Performance Indicator with graphs, and pie charts versus running various reports throughout the day,” said Ken Friedenberg, general manager of Arrkann Trailer and RV Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

“The Key Performance Indicators allow us to monitor these factors by just reviewing our dashboard,” he added.

The dashboard is just one feature included in the Astra G2 system. It can be customized by users to display data that is relevant to their job. So, the sales manager will see how many units have been sold during the day, week or month as well as gross profit numbers. The service manager, on the other hand, can track technician productivity as well as repair orders by service writer.

Another feature of the Astra G2 system is an integrated scheduling program that electronically tracks time worked and projects completed.

“The labor scheduler has really improved our technician attention to detail,” said Friedenberg. “Along with managers being able to track their efficiency, the mechanics themselves can monitor their efficiency each time they clock in/out of a job from the kiosk. This helps keep everyone on the same page.”

Astra G2 was designed with a true graphical interface that employs a true “point and click” functionality making it easier to use than ever before.

“The new icon based software is much easier to navigate and brings the ability for the users to save a lot of time because many features are available all in one screen, instead of jumping in and out of the old Astra screens to try to find what you need,” said Friedenberg.

“The new ‘manager’ grids throughout the software enable our managers to actually manage and stay on top of all the open items such as work orders, purchase orders and sales quotes,” he added.

Perhaps the best part of the new Astra G2 software is its ease of use in that workers can quickly acquaint themselves with the various screens and features and begin to tap into the system’s power within a few hours of initial use.

“Our dealership had several days of training on the Astra G2 software,” said Friedenberg. “This really helped to show our managers and staff the total package of everything they have at their disposal. The IDS staff really helped us all get up to speed quickly.”

The new IDS Astra G2 dealership management system helps RV dealers to be more productive so they can spend more time helping their customers, said IDS General Manager Sean Raynor.

“Astra G2 brings a whole new user experience to the industry standard in dealer management software,” he added. “Astra G2 represents the most significant enhancement we’ve ever made to Astra.”

Story by Greg Gerber posted on December 15, 2010

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