Family-Owned Iowa RV Dealership Prospers Against its Larger Competitors with the Help of IDS SMS

Sun and Fun logoWake Forest, NC – April 4, 2014 – Sun & Fun RV is benefitting from full departmentalization and improved business analysis since implementing Integrated Dealer System’s web-hosted solution, IDS SMS, into its business. With limited upfront costs and affordable monthly subscription fees, the Iowa City dealership is able to utilize the same integrated, industry-specific dealer management software features as its larger counterparts.

“IDS SMS being web-based was a big factor in making our decision because I didn’t have to worry about the upfront costs associated with purchasing additional hardware and software,” said owner Chad Goedken. “For a small business, it’s a good way to control your expenses. The added cost involved in hosting a system in-house just wasn’t feasible for our size of dealership. Having a web-based solution reduced the cost of implementing a powerful tool like IDS. Another huge advantage is that our data is safe at an offsite location.”

With IDS SMS in place, Chad and his staff have been able to correctly analyze the proper data and make better business decisions for each department.

“IDS SMS has allowed us to become fully departmentalized,” said Chad. “I can analyze the data based on our different departments. This allows me to narrow down what needs our attention so that we can correct the issue and improve our business. It really has helped us pinpoint what needs our attention. Departmentalization and the number of reports that are available have been important to getting us down the right path.”

Now that Chad has a better handle on his business operations, he can focus on business growth and competition against some of their larger counterparts.

“Obviously our goal is to grow the business and provide a great atmosphere for our customers and employees. I think what is going to help us do that is proper data to analyze and determine our strengths and our weaknesses. With this information, we can see what we need to do to grow the business. IDS will be a big part of that with all of the different reports that give us accurate information to analyze.”

To learn more about the benefits of IDS SMS, read the full interview here.

For more information on the IDS SMS web-based dealer management software solution, call 800-769-7425.

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