Leading Iowa RV Dealership Reaps Major Service and Communication Benefits from IDS Astra G2 Upgrade

Ketelsen RV dealer success storyWake Forest, NC – November 6, 2013 – Ketelsen RV is seeing significant benefits since migrating from IDS Astra’s traditional “blue screen” to the new G2 version.  The Hiawatha IA, dealership reports increased visibility throughout the business, full automation of the sales and service process as well as new sales opportunities.

“We had the customer in mind when we upgraded from the ‘blue screen’ to G2,” said Jeremy Ketelsen, Vice President of Ketelsen RV.  “We wanted a full customer footprint and transparency of the entire dealership for not only department heads, but their entire teams.  Everyone in our business knows everything that’s going on with our customers and can use that information to serve them more efficiently.”

Ketelsen’s attributes much of their service automation to G2’s Service Scheduler.  The module replaces the commonly-used used Outlook Calendar to provide more detail and flexibility with RV-specific service scheduling.

“In the past we’d go to an Outlook calendar and make an appointment,” said Ketelsen.  “We’d have to dig around and find where the appointment was made and what the customer wanted or needed.  We didn’t have a view into the past.  G2 allows us to make an appointment and distinguish what calendar we want it to go in based on wants and needs of the customer.  All the history is right there.  We can convert it to work order and dispatch it immediately without any hassle.”

In addition to scheduling automation, Ketelsen has also seen increased opportunities for sales based on G2’s ability to provide the complete picture throughout the entire dealership.  If a customer brings a unit in for repair and decides they’d rather trade it in, or they choose not to fix it and look for an upgrade, the sales staff is notified.

“By having that customer footprint throughout the entire dealership, our sales staff gains an immediate advantage,” added Ketelsen.  “If someone brings their RV in for repair and decides it’s not worth fixing, sales has that visibility and can assist them.  It really brings all areas of our dealership together and drives our success.”
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About Ketelsen RV:

Ketelsen RV is a family-owned and operated business located in Hiawatha, IA.  In business since 1962, Ketelsen has gradually expanded into one of the largest dealerships in Iowa. For more information, visit

About Integrated Dealer Systems:

Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS), a product of Constellation Dealership Software, is recognized as a leading provider of dealer management for the recreational vehicle (RV) industry. With nearly 30 years of proven service and industry experience, IDS is a comprehensive solution designed to save dealers time, boost profits and automate all of their business operations.

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