Astra CRM

IDS Astra G2 CRM’s new Up Management System lets you analyze all of the Salesfloor traffic in your Dealership through one simple, easy-to-use form. Leveraging the data captured on the Up form, CRM’s Reporting functions allow you to measure and compare the success ratios of each Salesperson at every stage of your Sales process. Measuring and analyzing your traffic and success rates […]

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With IDS Astra CRM Workflows, you can automatically initiate a series of activities whenever a ‘trigger’ is activated. Triggers can be virtually any step in your Sales process – from initial Up to a Final Sale. Filters can be associated with each Trigger to ensure that appropriate Actions are taken under virtually any circumstance: Actions can be customized to add a personal touch… Workflows can […]

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Scott Motor Coach has used 30 years experience combined with IDS’ Dealer Management Software to educate its customer base and offer the very best in overall service.  Read on to see how CEO, Brad Scott continues to strive for excellence in his RV dealership… IDS: What do you consider to be the strengths of your RV business compared […]

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