Engage Email Marketing

Grow your dealership with email marketing
and your DMS. Together.

Engage is an easy-to-use email marketing platform that seamlessly connects to your customer data in IDS.
With this smart, simplified platform, you can send relevant marketing emails that are targeted to your customers.

Made For Dealers

While there may be other email marketing platforms out there, Engage offers dealer-specific functionalities to make your life easier.

Targeted Email Communication

Build loyalty and grow revenue with relevant, personalized marketing messages using your customer data.

Email Automation

Grow sales, cut no-shows, and improve your overall customer experience with pre-built, one-click email automations.

Easily create attention-grabbing email campaigns that drive sales

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Smart, simplified email marketing starts with Engage

Sell more with email automation

  • Close more deals and sell more warranties with prebuilt automated email
    templates and campaigns that can be setup with just a few clicks
  • Target customers with personalized marketing messages that are specific to each
    customer’s unique purchase interests

Improve your customer experience with better communication

  • Reduce no-shows and save time with automated service appointment reminders
  • Automatically send a feedback survey email aſter an interaction with your dealership
    to identify how you might improve

Build brand loyalty with customer-specific messaging

  •  Use your DMS customer data to send more relevant and personalized email
    messages that will increase engagement with your brand
  • Build beautiful email messages with drag-and-drop ease

It is the quickest way to grow your lead database and reach customers directly. The ability to quickly and easily create customer segments and dynamics lists using your DMS customer data is very important when wanting to deliver a specific message to a specific target audience.

Leanne Carrobourg, Marketing Manager, ArrKann Trailer & RV

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