Running a Marine dealership is not simple.
IDS Astra G2 makes it easier.

Oversee everything at your dealership through one, easy-to-use system.

Get a full view of your business, eliminate inefficiencies and pinpoint opportunities for growth with a solution designed specifically for Marine dealers.

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All the Tools Your Marine Dealership Needs in One System

Unite all the disparate pieces of your business under one integrated software and gain more control of your business.

Make Your Team More Mobile

Enable your employees to complete their daily tasks from anywhere in the dealership using a mobile device – and get more done as a result.

Monitor Business Performance in Real Time

Get a bird’s-eye view of your entire dealership – whether it’s one location or multiple – to pinpoint potential problems and growth opportunities.

Enhance Your Dealership System Even Further

Make your dealership software even more convenient by including leading industry tools and add-on products.

Turn More Leads into Customers Faster

Arm your salespeople with the most up-to-date tools to manage and convert leads efficiently, allowing them to close more deals in less time.

Service More Customers with Less Effort

Help your service department consolidate all service history in one place, increase tech productivity, manage deadlines and deliver on customer expectations more effectively.

Reduce Inventory Costs and Increase Profitability

Make your parts department more profitable by tracking every part on your floor, eliminating order duplication, cutting down on emergency orders and maximizing parts turnover.

Process and Analyze Transactions in Real Time

Give your accounting department the tools it needs to improve cash flow, eliminate double entry and track the impact each transaction makes on the bottom line.

Grow Your Sales Pipeline and Close More Leads

Collect and leverage customer information to effectively meet their buying needs and maintain close relations with them well after the sale.

Manage Your Entire Rentals Operation in One System

Oversee all your equipment, slip and storage rentals from one easy-to-use interface that you can customize to meet your specific business needs.

Compatible with dealerships of any size

Whether you are a small business or a large multi-store enterprise, IDS has a solution that addresses your specific needs.

It was having multiple locations that drove our decision to try IDS. IDS provided us with consolidated real-time data for all the locations, which immediately allowed us to be better managers. Each day, I run different reports – whether they are related to sales, service or F&I. I don’t know how someone can run a dealership with multiple locations without a program that ties all this together in real time.

Robert C. Soucy,
Owner, Port Harbor Marine

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There is no way we could operate today without Astra. Doing business the old way would require double the internal staff and tons of paperwork.

Linda Yax,
General RV Center

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Ready to Move to a New Dealership Management System?

Ready to Move to a New Dealership Management System?

As a Brunswick dealer, gain access to exclusive discounts that allow you to unlock more of IDS Astra G2’s time-saving features for less.

With the exclusive Brunswick offer, you can save on:

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IDS offers a complete dealer management solution to Marine dealerships of any size.

ROI Calculator

How much can you save in one year with IDS Astra G2?

See my ROI
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Features & Benefits
  • Large enterprise dealers
  • Purchase license
  • Onsite server
  • Customer owns hardware and software
  • No hindrance from off-site internet connections
  • Provides a shared drive easily accessible to staff for shared documents
  • Large enterprise dealers
  • Purchase License
  • Internet based
  • All hardware and software is professionally managed and maintained by IDS
  • Data and system backup and accessible after catastrophic event

Marine Dealer Stories

By infusing 30 years’ worth of industry experience and customer feedback into the IDS Astra G2 dealer management system, we help Marine dealers unlock their true potential and grow.

Find out what other Marine dealers have to say about Astra G2.


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As an owner, it’s important to get good timely information, so that was a game-changer for us when we went with IDS. It provided us with real-time data for all the locations, which could be consolidated. It immediately allowed us to be better managers. I don’t know how someone can run a dealership with multiple locations without a program that ties all this together in real time.

Robert Soucy, Owner

IDS is a well-designed dealer management system that allow users to manage and integrate all the important aspects of the business from purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, F&I to accounting. With three locations, sometimes it’s difficult for us to know what’s happening at each location and IDS gives us the real time information we need.

Victoria McComas, Director of Finance, HR and Operations M & P Mercury

IDS has allowed for our growth. We just expanded to another location this past year and we were able to do that pretty smoothly with the software that we have. Each location has visibility of other locations’ inventory, I can go in to each location and manage their revenue categories… They’re definitely always thinking in the right direction.

Dave Commander, President, Russell Marine

Managing two nationally-recognized businesses (Rond’s Marine and Transcona Trailers) is not easy, but IDS seems to have all the right reports and it really helps us track performance in each dealership.

Garth Bromley, Owner

For 10 years, I worked as a director of a large multi-location marine dealership using your competitor’s platform. Needless to say I became familiar with it, but never enjoyed using it. I found it to be cumbersome, tedious, non-intuitive and it was generally aimed at the back office more than the front lines. While it has taken me some time to fully adopt some of the nuances of IDS, I will say that throughout the process, your team has been fantastic and the level and speed of the development is fantastic. It’s easily the most powerful and useable DMS system I have ever used. It helps us drive profits and I look forward to seeing what comes next.

Jeff Barnes, General Manager, General Manager

Before using IDS, we had one system in Accounting, and another for Parts and Service that were not tied together at all. We were spending too much time taking information that was in one database and entering it into the other. Our systems consolidated nicely with IDS, which eliminated inconsistencies we used to have by running two different databases.

Pete Beauregard, Sr. President , Colony Marine

The team at IDS has been above and beyond what our initial expectations were. One of the bigger motivating factors for us choosing IDS was their implementation team and business practices. Now that we’re with them, I can say everything they told us they were going to do has been done and they all have been extremely helpful.

Kyle Kelly, Co-Owner, Kelly’s Port Marine

We’ve been with them since 2006 and I can’t give enough accolades to support and training at IDS. Every time I have a need they go all out to help me get it resolved.

Dana Hinkemeyer, Accountant, Miller Marine

We’ve been using IDS since 1993. With the ever changing demands of our business, they’ve been great in updating the product to suit our needs and we highly value the partnership we’ve been able to establish through the years.

Wayne Stokes, Director of Operations , Tracker Marine Boat Center

IDS review from Tracker Marine Group

It's a fully integrated and quality product for the Marine industry. IDS keeps updating with new abilities as technology changes.

Ron Wilson, Owner, Wilson Marine

IDS review from Wilson Marine

One thing I’m big on is what type of customer service is available. I can personally say that I have been very fortunate to work with some really great people at IDS. Whether it’s a question about not understanding how to use the system, or a question about something I don’t think is functioning properly, they have been quick to resolve my issue.

Carly Poole, Marketing Manager, Buckeye Marine

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