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There are many solutions dealerships can use, but they are not all equal.

Why Dealers Love IDS

Why IDS is Different

Tailored Industry-Specific Tools

Take advantage of a system tailored to your industry, because it was founded on feedback and best practices from hundreds of dealers, over the span of 30+ years.

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Seamless Flow Between All Departments

Leverage a fully integrated system that creates a seamless flow of information between all your departments - from management to accounting.

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Run by True Industry Experts

Collaborate with a team of experts who know your industry inside out and can therefore deliver the support and education your dealership needs to thrive in today’s competitive market.

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Fueled by Strong Industry Ties

Make use of our strong industry ties with manufacturers, leading dealerships and associations to gain insights on industry trends and future developments. See why 20 Groups keep recommending IDS.

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IDS is the Fuel That Drives Dealers Forward

While other software providers were busy stitching together different solutions, we built an integrated system from the ground up that created a seamless flow of information between departments and empowered dealers to work together as a team.

IDS is not just a cutting-edge system. It’s a team of dedicated professionals, with strong industry partnerships, working with dealers like you for 30+ years.

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IDS is the Fuel That Drives Dealers Forward
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Discover Your Dealership's Roadmap to Success Today

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