The IDS Professional Services Team is made up of individuals with hands-on RV, Marine and Trailer industry experience gained from working in and for some of the most successful dealerships in the nation. Their services go way beyond basic system consulting into other areas such as business process re-engineering and best-practice development and management for your RV, Marine or Trailer dealership.

Listed below are some of the services that they can offer to help your business achieve greater success.


System Evaluation and Selection

Having trouble determining whether your current systems are meeting your business needs?  Not sure whether the investment in a new system would produce the desired return in productivity for your business?  These are important questions and the answers are not always easy to come by.  IDS dealer management consulting can assist you by performing a complete Business Process Review and providing you with a Gap Analysis that will make your decisions much clearer.


Business Plans

Whether you are starting a new business, or would just like to have a well defined roadmap for business growth and success, the IDS Professional Services Team can help you create or update your Business Plan using their wealth of industry knowledge and experience.


Accounting and Financial Management

Do you feel like you have enough control when it comes to accounting and finances, or does it seem like you are always in reaction mode at your dealership?  Are you receiving timely and accurate financial information that allows you to make sound business management decisions?  Do you have a well-prepared budget so you can determine where you are compared to your goals?  If you answered no to any of these questions, you might want to consider having the IDS Professional Services Team help you in areas such as budgeting and forecasting, cash flow management, or benchmarking your operations against industry standards.



IDS offers many ways for your sales department to receive the advanced training and consulting it needs to operate at peak performance.  These services are offered through a combination of on-site visits, regional classes, or remotely by phone or web.


Sales Process

From the time a prospect walks through the door to final delivery, IDS Professional Services can help your dealership fine-tune their process to maximize the efficiencies of the sales department and insure no customers are forgotten.


Relationship-Based Sales Training

Sales training utilizing a Relationship or Consultant-style sales process can be offered at your dealership or in regional classes.  Relationship-based selling relies on focusing on the customer needs and wants and fulfilling them.  This non-pressure style is designed to create a positive customer experience resulting in higher CSI scores and greater customer retention.


Showroom/Lot Layout, Inventory Display

Does your inventory display well?  Is it easy and efficient for your salespeople to present the product?  Do you have good traffic control of prospects?  Utilizing onsite visits, IDS can work with a dealer to develop a display strategy that maintains a good traffic flow and efficient presentations for your sales force.


Point of Purchase

IDS Professional Services can offer a dealer-specific point of purchase package, to enhance the dealership brand and create a virtual silent salesman to aid in the sales process.


Customer Retention Systems

Follow-up of current prospects as well as existing customers is a cornerstone of building a long-term customer base.  IDS can aid in the design of a follow-up program to develop life-long customers.


Dealership Positioning

Competing in today’s market is tough.  Work with IDS to identify a dealership niche where you can be the market leader.


Parts and Service Management

Operating a profitable parts and service department while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is a difficult challenge.  You need an adequate level of inventory without stocking too much.  You need a tight service schedule while maintaining the flexibility to handle unexpected circumstances.  And you need to manage the warranty work and claims so it doesn’t become a financial drain.  Our IDS Professional Services Team can help you do this based on best practices used in successful dealerships across the country.