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F&I Highlights

Key performance indicators all RV and marine dealers should keep a close eye on, such as the penetration levels for finance and all ancillary products sold.

Unit Sales Highlights

Average sales broken down by selling price, down payments, amount financed, A.P.R., monthly payments, terms, unit type, and more.

Repair Event Cycle Time (RECT)

National and regional RECT averages and the impact two main bottlenecks, warranty coverage and out-of-stock parts, have on cycle times.

About the Report

Dealership Industry Insights is published monthly by IDS. This visual report shares unit sales, F&I insights, and RECT benchmarks based on aggregated data from RV and marine dealerships across the nation.

These operational insights are part of our commitment at IDS to give back to the industry we are so passionate about and to help guide dealer decisions.

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We ask our customers for feedback regularly, but we want to make sure this report is useful for all dealers. Even if you are not an IDS customer, we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for how we can improve the report.

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