Running a Trailer dealership can be challenging.
IDS Astra G2 makes it easier.

Rely on one, easy-to-use software system to oversee every aspect of your Trailer dealership.

See the big picture, boost efficiency and discover new ways to grow with a system designed with Trailer dealers in mind.

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Put All the Tools Your Trailer Dealership Needs in One Place

Connect various aspects of your business using a single integrated solution and understand how they impact your bottom line.

Make Your Team More Mobile

Enable your employees to complete their daily tasks from anywhere in the dealership using a mobile device – and get more done as a result.

Monitor Business Performance in Real Time

Get a bird’s-eye view of your entire dealership – whether it’s one location or multiple – to pinpoint potential problems and growth opportunities.

Enhance Your Dealership System Even Further

Make your dealership software even more convenient by including leading industry tools and add-on products.

Turn More Leads into Customers Faster

Arm your salespeople with the most up-to-date tools to manage and convert leads efficiently, allowing them to close more deals in less time.

Service More Customers with Less Effort

Help your service department consolidate all service history in one place, increase tech productivity, manage deadlines and deliver on customer expectations more effectively.

Reduce Inventory Costs and Increase Profitability

Make your parts department more profitable by tracking every part on your floor, eliminating order duplication, cutting down on emergency orders and maximizing parts turnover.

Process and Analyze Transactions in Real Time

Give your accounting department the tools it needs to improve cash flow, eliminate double entry and track the impact each transaction makes on the bottom line.

Grow Your Sales Pipeline and Close More Leads

Collect and leverage customer information to effectively meet their buying needs and maintain close relations with them well after the sale.

Manage Your Entire Rentals Operation in One System

Oversee all your equipment, slip and storage rentals from one easy-to-use interface that you can customize to meet your specific business needs.

Suitable for dealerships of all sizes

From small shops to large multi-store businesses – IDS has the tools to help Trailer dealerships with all kinds of needs.

I'd heard within the industry that IDS was the best - its Astra system was consistent, worked well, and was good for dealerships with several locations as well as those with one location.

Maury Wiese,
Appleton Camping Center

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IDS Astra G2 with CRM is the best product out there, and I say that with confidence. The product has really come a long way and we’re very pleased with it. I would definitely recommend it.

Grant Baidas,
General RV Center

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Deployment Options / Cloud

With IDS, Trailer dealers of any size can gain access to a complete dealership management system for a reasonable price.

By utilizing IDS’ Astra G2 Cloud solution – AstraSMS – small to mid-size Trailer dealers can now benefit from the same dealer management software capabilities that previously only large businesses could afford.

For a low monthly charge, you can enjoy the full IDS Astra G2 experience through a subscription service and avoid upfront investments. You will receive software updates automatically over the Internet, so no need for an in-house IT department, network server, maintenance or extra hardware.

The Astra G2 Cloud solution encompasses:

  • Complete Astra G2 software and additional licensing
  • Multi-tenant server connection
  • Peripheral package covering devices like printers and routers
  • IDS support access
  • All IDS and 3rd party support charges

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Who should consider it?
Features & Benefits
  • Large enterprise dealers
  • Purchase license
  • Onsite server
  • Customer owns hardware and software
  • No hindrance from off-site internet connections
  • Provides a shared drive easily accessible to staff for shared documents
  • Large enterprise dealers
  • Purchase License
  • Internet based
  • All hardware and software is professionally managed and maintained by IDS
  • Data and system backup and accessible after catastrophic event
  • Smaller to mid-sized dealers
  • License subscription
  • Internet based
  • All hardware and software is professionally managed and maintained by IDS
  • Never have to deal with security issues, maintenance or costly upgrades

Trailer Dealer Stories

To help Trailer dealers optimize their business in the most beneficial way possible, the IDS Astra G2 dealership management system incorporates over 30 years’ worth of industry experience and customer feedback.

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Why IDS ?

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We belong to two Spader 20 groups and I recommend IDS all the time because it’s just so integrated. I’ve watched a lot of dealers stumble with various software systems and waste a lot of time and money to fight battles. Once you take the first couple months to get going on IDS, there are minimal hassles after that. You don’t need anything else.

Garth Bromley, Owner


Astra G2’s dashboard really helps me manage my company. I can log in to my computer and look at sales, service, parts, and have snapshot of how the dealership is performing on daily, weekly, monthly basis without using multiple menus and keystrokes. I have all of the important KPIs on my dashboard that I look at every day and use to manage the company.

Brad Scott, Scott Motor Coach RV Center

I’ve been with IDS for 20 years and it's a very user friendly system. As difficult as accounting can be sometimes, Astra provides me with financial reports that are easy to understand and help our business.

Teresa Myers, Luxury RV’s of Arizona

A major reason we looked at IDS was due to the volume of transactions and the interaction between sales, service and parts. We didn’t feel our current provider could handle the level we needed.

Matt Leffingwell, RV Solutions

See our dealer management system at work

Tell us about your business, and one of our dealer specialists will get in touch with you to set up a 1:1 demonstration of how IDS Astra G2 can benefit your Trailer dealership:

  • Gain insight into all your departments and locations
  • Track your inventory levels to avoid over- and under-ordering parts
  • Have all your customer information in one place
  • Help your service team become more efficient and profitable

Why IDS ?

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