IDS has carefully selected partners to bring the RV, Marine & Boat dealerships more value. As a leading provider of dealer management software, IDS is focused on helping dealerships grow.

RV Partners


Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).

RVIA is a national trade association for recreational vehicle manufacturers and suppliers of parts that cohesively produce 98 percent of all the RVs that are made in the United States.
Safety and professionalism are the top priorities RVIA and in turn is why IDS considers them a viable partner. IDS would like to promote these characteristics as well within the recreational vehicle industry to ensure the wellbeing of the manufacturers and dealers.


California Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (CalRVDA).

Cal RVDA encompasses 75 RV dealerships across the state of California. By delivering the best customer service and employee satisfaction they believe that the RV experience will be kept alive.
IDS affiliates with CalRVDA because they are dedicated to quality and superior service. IDS believe together they can help recreational vehicle dealers achieve the superior support for systems and technology.


Florida RV Trade Association (FRVTA).

FRVTA is organized into geographical regions within Florida so members can protect their interests at local levels and better promote their businesses. Each region provides members with opportunities to network and receive professional contacts, increase their knowledge of the industry, and discover social and promotional programs.
FRVTA is a partner of IDS because they promote education and expose members to programs that will take them to the next level. IDS wants to take the RV industry to that next level through the use of new technology and systems in order to make RV dealers and manufacturers more efficient.


National Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA).

RVDA dedicates itself to encouraging an increase in RV sales and delivering a positive image for the RV Industry. RVDA provides educational resources, including market expansion programs, member services, and industry leadership services to better educate its dealers.
IDS and RVDA partnered to enhance its clients knowledge in the industry. RVDA is at the forefront of dealer-manufacturer issues, state and federal legislation affecting the industry and dealer operations.


Recreational Vehicle Dealer Association of Alberta (RVDA-Alberta).

Similar with RVDA, RVDA-Alberta provides knowledge and support to its members and Industry partners in order to surpass customer expectations and help promote the RV industry and lifestyle. RVDA-Alberta encourages all members to participate in leadership, education and training to better develop the RV industry.
IDS joined the RVDA-Alberta Association to provide its clients with an organization focused on enhancing the industry for RV Dealers. RVDA-Alberta holds conferences and events each year that IDS clients are able to take advantage of to promote the RVing lifestyle.


Texas Recreational Vehicle Association (TRVA).

The members of TRVA include manufactures, dealers, campgrounds/parks, suppliers and service firms all involved in the RV industry. TRVA prides itself on providing services and opportunities to enhance its member knowledge within the RV industry. TRVA has its members best interest in mind at all times and today there are over 500 members in the association.
IDS is partner of TRVA because they promote and expose members to programs that will take them to the next level. IDS wants its clients in the RV industry to have the availability to the newest and latest technology and services to make their RV dealers the most efficient.

 Priority RV Network

REDEX – The Recreational Dealer Cooperative Association Inc., rebranded as the Priority RV Network.

This is America’s Largest RV Dealer Network consisting of the nation’s top 100 RV dealerships. It was established in 1997 and has grown from 12 dealerships in just a few states to 100 dealerships in 36 states.
Priority RV Network holds high standards for dealerships and only affiliates with the best in the industry, thus the reason why IDS chose to partner with them. We want our dealers to be exposed to the best the industry has to offer.


The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada.

RVDA is a national, volunteer federation of provincial and regional RVDA associations. Their members have united to form a professional trade association for all businesses involved in the recreation vehicle industry.
RVDA of Canada brings together and represents the retail businesses involved in the recreation vehicle industry across Canada. Thus, providing the support and strength to protect and promote the interests and welfare of Canadian RV Dealers, and to maximize the potential of the industry for all involved.


Route 66 RV Network.

This network is North America’s largest network of independent RV dealers. The ROUTE 66 RV Network attracts not only the best RV dealers, but also partners with leading companies in the industry.
IDS and Route 66 RV Network have partnered to assure our dealers receive and provide the best service available. Route 66 gives dealers and the RVer the confidence that wherever travels may take you there will be someone very capable of meeting your needs.


Marine Partners

Brunswick Corporation intends to sell Sea Ray | Boating Industry


Brunswick Corporation strives to be the best-known and most profitable recreation and lifestyle brand. Brunswick’s ultimate goal is to use their expertise and passion to innovate and better create the popular products within the Marine Industry.
Together IDS and Brunswick will reinvent the Marine industry. We have partnered with Brunswick to better serve our dealers and their customers. IDS wants it customers to exposed to the leading and most powerful companies within the industry.

Mercury Marine

Mercury Marine

Mercury Marine is a division of Brunswick and is designed to serve and satisfy customers worldwide in the fishing, high performance, and commercial marine markets. Mercury Marine’s goal is to be the most respected and revered global marine industry leader. They want to enhance individual’s boating experience and providing the finest marine systems and services.
IDS has teamed up with Mercury Marine because of their dedication to provide excellent customer satisfaction and to continually develop top of the line products. We want to provide our Dealers and customers with the utmost products and service.