Identify Key Bottlenecks with the IDS RECT Report


Looking for a way to optimize your Repair Event Cycle Time (RECT)? Find out how IDS RECT Reporting can help you pinpoint your biggest bottlenecks and provide you with a clear path toward improvements. IDS worked closely with RVDA and RVIA to develop the RECT standards.

With IDS RECT Reporting you are provided a free, monthly report pinpointing the main bottlenecks in your repair event cycle and, in an anonymous and aggregate format, comparing your results to that of other dealers across the country and in your region.


NEW! RECT Brand Comparison Report:

Using our new RECT (Repair Event Cycle Time) Brand Comparison Report, you can compare unit repair key performance indicators (KPIs), side by side, for your top 5 RV brands in North America and see exactly how you stack up.

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IDS RECT Regional Reports


See what others say about IDS RECT

We use the IDS RECT report on a monthly basis to spot our shortcomings and improve the service we are providing to our customers. The IDS RECT report has helped our industry by giving us real data, so we can all work together to solve our customers’ frustration of not having their RV repaired in a timely fashion.”

Mike Reagan, Crestview RV

Read more about how he uses the report here.

I think the biggest thing the reports have provided for us is a conversation starter. They provide us with a basis for discussing RECT at our monthly admin meetings. It has gotten staff to begin thinking on this topic at a higher level, and hopefully, it will result in us providing our customers with a better experience.”

Brian Wilkins, Wilkins RV


Why You Need IDS RECT

   See the Whole Picture Analyze Each Bottleneck
See the Whole Picture

Get a high-level look at your overall RECT performance to ensure you know where you stand.


Analyze Each Bottleneck

Understand the impact of parts availability and warranty coverage on your repair time.

Zoom in on the Details Visualize Your Data
Zoom in on the Details

Drill down to specifics, including individual work orders, part numbers and labor hours.

Visualize Your Data

Review historical data via numerous charts and graphs to spot trends and aide forecasting.

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