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General Conference Experience 

Ask the Experts Lab 


Day 1

Keynote: Make Some Noise – Open the Throttle and Dominate Your Marketplace

Keynote Speaker: Ken Schmidt   



Presenter: Mario Britz  


SALES/SERVICE: Optimizing Your Delivery Process

Presenter: Marilyn Melkus & Kurt Vajgrt 



Track A: 

CRM: Make Your CRM Do the Work For You

Presenter: Mark Berggren 


EMAIL MARKETING: Putting Together and Executing the Plan

Presenter: Mark Berggren



Track B:

PARTS: Best Practices Using the Parts Manager

Presenter: Kurt Vajgrt


SERVICE: Effective Warranty Submission Based Off Unit Inventory Purchase

Presenter: Marilyn Melkus & Kurt Vajgrt



Day 2

Diving Deep into the DMS Statement and Balance Sheet

Guest Speaker: Michael Rees


REPORTS: Mastering Advanced Reporting / MITS       

Presenter: Mark Berggren 


Preparing for the Future: A Creative Brainstorm

Hosts: Ajay Thakur & Kimberly Schultz



Track A: 

CRM: ACCOUNTING: Custom GL Reports for All Departments

Presenter: Marilyn Melkus


Track B:

G2 SERVICE WORKFLOW: Beginning to End for Service Advisors and Technicians

Presenter: Kurt Vajgrt & Marilyn Melkus