Manage Your Customer Data Faster, Better and Easier with IDS CRM



Convert opportunities into deals faster with IDS Astra G2’s CRM – marrying superior technical performance with an efficient and customizable user interface.

Equipped with the best sales automation and lead integration features in the RV, Marine and Trailer industries, our dealership CRM software is a must-have for any dealer that wants to take their everyday lead interactions and follow-up processes to the next level.



IDS CRM at Its Full Potential


IDS CRM at Its Full Potential



Why You Need IDS CRM


IDS CRM Be In The Know IDS CRM Automate Lead Management IDS CRM Keep Your Team Accountable

Be in the Know

Get instant access to all pertinent customer data from one place, so you can make each conversation more personal and productive.

Automate Lead Management

Instantly capture lead information from any source and automatically assign it to the reps best qualified to handle them for speedy follow-up.

Keep Your Team Accountable

Gain full visibility into the performance of your sales team and ensure proper due diligence with each lead.

IDS CRM Eliminate Double Data Entry IDS CRM Improve Your Workflow IDS CRM Stay Connected

Eliminate Double Data Entry

Keep your data always in sync and shared across the dealership. There’s no need to double-enter information or check in different places to find customer data.

Improve Your Workflow

Automate daily tasks and activities, so that you can focus on selling and not on maintaining data.

Stay Connected

Engage, inform and create long-term loyalty through ongoing communication with customers and leads.


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What Dealers Say About IDS CRM
It gives me access to all of the customers that I cannot see in person, and it helps me learn what is currently taking place with the opportunity. IDS CRM takes the temperature on what is happening within our business on a moment-by-moment basis. It helps us identify what our strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to communicating with our customers who are not on the property.”

            Terry Muir from Guaranty RV



Key Features
IDS CRM Lead Management

Lead Management

  • Manage a 360-degree view of each lead’s life cycle – from the moment it’s created to being converted into an opportunity.
  • Easily identify and manage duplicate leads.

IDS CRM Contact & Opportunity Management

Contact & Opportunity Management

  • Track all contacts, related opportunities, sales quotes, activities and other details in real time from a centralized, shared database.
  • Monitor customer Unit, Service and Parts purchase history across all locations from the Contact purchase history.
  • Synchronize with Outlook to track outgoing emails from your sales reps as well as customer responses.

IDS CRM Activity Management

Activity Management

  • Create customized follow-up activities for every stage of a lead and assign to multiple owners (sales, service, etc).
  • Utilize customizable email templates with personalized email signatures, including a salesperson’s picture.
IDS CRM Marketing


  • Ensure consistent follow-up with leads and customers with automated workflow emails.
  • Generate email lists with a click of a button.
  • Customize emails and templates to better fit your business.
  • Synchronize with social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.
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