IDS Launches Service360 to Help Dealers Revolutionize Their Service and Reduce RECT

Wake Forest, NC, November 3, 2020Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS), a leading RV, marine and trailer dealership software provider, is pleased to announce the launch of IDS Service360 – an end-to-end service solution that integrates seamlessly with the IDS Astra G2 dealership management system.

With tools for every stage in the customer’s service journey, Service360 is here to empower dealers to work more effectively and collaboratively, helping them manage and reduce their Repair Event Cycle Time (RECT).

The tools included in Service360 are:

  • Service CRM. This tool is here to help service writers keep all their tasks in one place and automate their customer communications, making sure that no time is wasted and no request is lost.
  • Digital Signatures. Service writers can use this tool to email documents to customers right from their dealership management system and automatically get them back the moment they are signed, eliminate any unnecessary steps, and create a more efficient workflow.
  • Service Mobile. With this easy-to-use mobile app, service technicians can spend less time running around and more time turning wrenches – whether they are in the client’s driveway, out on the lot or in the great outdoors.
  • Mobile Work Orders. As an extension of ServiceCRM, service writers can access real-time information on work order-related activities through any device and make their decisions on the go.
  • Mobile Payments. Powered by Gravity Payments, this tool empowers dealer customers to make payments from anywhere, without having to come into a dealership.
  • RECT Business Intelligence. With solution, dealers can compare their RECT data to that of other dealers across the country, to pinpoint areas for improvement and ensure top-notch performance.

While most of these tools are stand-alone, they are more effective if used together as part of Service360. In addition, having the IDS Astra G2 dealership management system is a must, particularly the Service module.

Service360 fills the gaps in the service cycle that dealers have control over when it comes to improving their RECT,” said Frank Tamburrini, the General Manager at IDS. “Now, they don’t just have the means to see how they compare to other dealers, but to start making meaningful improvements right away.

IDS ServiceCRM has been great,” said Anthony Frandanisa from Tacoma RV. “Service writers can create a task for pretty much anything with our customers, and they can put a date on it, so the task gets automatically added to their work feed on that day. That way, they can see everything they need to complete when checking in a particular unit, like calling a customer, giving them some feedback and so on.”

Those who wish to give IDS Service360 a closer look can do so by visiting this page: Click here.

About IDS

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