Service More Units and Speed Up Your Repair Event Cycle Time with IDS ServiceCRM


Is your service department suffering from bottlenecks and inefficiencies?

With ServiceCRM, your Service Writers can close Work Orders faster, improve customer communications, and increase the number of units serviced at your shop each day.


Why You Need IDS ServiceCRM


Be More Organized

Give your Service Writers a complete view of their daily tasks, so that they can organize, prioritize and plan their work.

Know Each Customer

Maintain complete customer records, including their service history, text message statistics and additional notes.

Communicate Better

Maintain frequent, personalized communication with customers thanks to automated follow-up reminders.

Track All Repairs

Monitor the in-shop repair process via status updates from your dealership management system and get a real-time view into the repair event cycle for each Work Order.

Improve Employee Collaboration

Add notes to Work Orders, warranty claims, part orders and other service items to reduce paper and align your team.

Go Mobile

Enable your Service Writers to work anywhere, so they can work more efficiently. .


What Dealers Say About IDS ServiceCRM:

“I am loving ServiceCRM. It makes follow-ups way easier.”

Steve Rondeau, Service Manager at Pleasureland Brainerd Budget Lot


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