Back Up, Protect & Restore Your Data with IDS Data Vaulting


Did you know that there are at least 50 ways to lose your business data? Disasters, device failure and even human error can completely erase everything you have, and in turn, grind your business to a halt.


Fortunately, with IDS’ Data Vaulting service, this never has to be the case, as it lets you consistently protect your IDS data, with little to no effort on your part.



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Why You Need IDS Data Vaulting
Shield Your Data

Protect your IDS data by keeping it in a remote, highly secure colocation facility – like a bank for your data.


Recover Your Data

Quickly recover mission-critical functionality in case of a disaster, with minimal downtime or revenue losses.

Save Staff Time

Reduce the time spent on backups and focus your staff on more meaningful activities.

Get Top-Notch Support

Get support from IDS’ knowledgeable IT team who fully understand your system and your needs.


Your Backup Options:

  • Daily backups for 3 months
  • Monthly backups for 10 months
  • Quarterly backups for 7 years

NOTE: We check backups 3 times per week and generate reports on backups each month. We back up IDS data ONLY, so any additional data files would be at an additional cost.


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