Would you like to run a more efficient service department?

Streamline service, reduce employee burnout, and enhance your dealership’s customer experience.

Boost Team Productivity

With mobile access to the system, your techs can quickly clock in and out, update Work Orders, and move between jobs, while your Service Writers can upsell and take pictures.

Track Warranty Claims

Never lose track of your warranty claims and always collect money on time.

Track All Communications​

Create an iron-clad audit trail of all customer service communications.

See how <strong>IDS Service Automation</strong> can help you <br>gain a competitive edge

See how IDS Service Automation can help you
gain a competitive edge

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A solution for every member of your department

Service Manager

Ensure service is flowing at maximum efficiency and measure service profitability.

Service Advisor

Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks so you can spend time on the work that makes an impact.

Service Technician

Capture pictures easily, clock in and out on the job, and see your own efficiency.