Generate a cash flow statement

A Cash Flow Statement has been developed and included in the G2 Accounting Reports after multiple requests from our Dealers.

This feature is only available to G2 Users.

To See the New Cash Flow Statement, users will need to be signed into G2.In G2 Accounting> Accounting Reports> Run General Ledger Reports> Build & Run the Cash Flow Report, notice there are three tabs: Home, Report, and Setup. 

Cash flow report -1


Before this Report can be run for the first time, the Setup must be started and saved.  It may be prudent to have the Dealership’ accountant assist in the set up and have a copy of the Chart of Accounts, a Balance Sheet and an Income Statement handy for completing the Setup screen. 

cash flow report - 2


Begin by left-clicking on the Setup tab, and notice there are four main sections on the Setup Screen:

1)      The Location or Consolidation section,

2)      The Cash Flow section,

3)      The Cash Generated section, and

4)      The Cash Expended section.

In the Location or Consolidation section, the current Location’s code should default in. This can be changed to any valid Location or Consolidation Code.

In the other three sections, click on each line and the detail grid on the right will allow valid General Ledger Accounts to be added, edited or deleted. There is also a General Ledger search feature in the data grid.

Enter some General Ledger accounts in each of the three sections, and save the input.

cash flow report -3


Now, left-click on the Reports tab, and the Cash Flow Report screen should appear. Enter a Fiscal Period (such as 1014 for October, 2014, in this case) and then click on the Preview button.

cash flow report -4


When the Report appears, the Cash flow at the top of the Report (indicated by A in a yellow teardrop above) should match the Cash Flow at the bottom of the Report (indicated by B in a yellow teardrop below), and the Difference (indicated by C in a yellow teardrop below) should be zero.

In the example below, the Difference is not zero, which indicates the General Ledger Accounts were not included in the Setup screen correctly, the User needs to add or delete the appropriate General Ledger Accounts until the Report shows a zero difference.

cash flow report -5


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