Hardware: IDS Backup Files and Folders Recommendations

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is essential for all businesses. Maintaining and monitoring a nightly backup rotation may help ensure a quick data recovery from both minor and major server issues.

At IDS we recommend a minimum rotation of retaining nightly backups for 7 days, a weekly backup for 4 weeks and monthly backups for 12 months. We also recommend that you maintain at least part of your backup archive offsite in case a major event at on the premises.

An entire system backup is the best but not always possible. At minimum, the IDS database is stored in the following folders which should be included in your backup schedule:




C:\G2 (if folder is present)

E:\MITS Reports (if folder is present)

In addition to these folders, your organization may be storing other data on the Astra server that you may want to include in the schedule.

If you have any questions regarding your disaster recovery please, please feel free to contact our Hardware Support team at 800-962-7872 or idshw@ids-astra.com.

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