Payroll: Automatic Closing on Time Clock Window is now Optional

G2 – Payroll

Add Option for the Time Clock to Stay Open After Use

It was requested that the Time Clock remain open for possible additional entries after an Employee entry is made. Formerly, this routine would automatically close the window and send the User back to the G2 Navigator after each use. This is more efficient when several Employees are trying to clock in or out one-right after another.

This enhancement only affects G2 Users.

In G2 Navigator, have the user click on the Launch Time Clock icon on the top task bar. Notice that now there is a checkbox “Close Time Clock screen after update” that defaults to being checked. Click on this checkbox to un-check it. Now have the user enter an Employee No and click on the Log In button. Then the Electronic Time Clock window should reappear blank, ready for the next Employee to clock in.

Closing on Time Window

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