Checklist: Daily, Weekly and Monthly Checklist for Dealership Controllers

Guide: Controllers ChecklistAt any business, all roads lead to accounting. That’s why dealership accounting departments have their hands full.

In a given day, dealership Controllers need to:

  • Input all money received – cash, checks, credit cards, wire transfers, etc.
  • Verify all ports have run the Till Reconciliation routine
  • Update Bank Deposit
  • Input all Accounts Payable invoices received in mail, email, or automatic debits from bank
  • Input all Unit Inventory that has arrived
  • Input all Completed Unit Sales (Post Deals)
  • Post GL Transactions

To help you stay on top of tasks you need to perform on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, we have put together this handy checklist based on the first-hand experience of hundreds of dealership Controllers.

Download the checklist for free:

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