Webinar: Defending Your Dealership’s Digital Assets

Cybersecurity breaches are no longer a matter of if, but when. Shockingly, 83% of companies will experience a data breach at some point, and oftentimes, it will happen more than once. This means that dealerships need to take proactive measures to detect, respond to, and recover from these threats as quickly as possible. 

Watch our webinar led by David Darrell, Director of Cloud Operations at IDS, to learn how you can be proactive and prevent cybersecurity breaches at your dealership.  

Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Learn about the top cybersecurity threats, such as malware and social engineering, and how to spot them.  
  • Discover the types of information that hackers may want to steal from your dealership. 
  • Understand how to prioritize cybersecurity as a core part of your dealership’s business strategy.  

Webinar Recording




David Darrell

David Darrell

Director of Cloud Operations at IDS 


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