Accounting: Improved Check Batch Processing in G2

Accounting & Payroll

Check batch manager enhanced for easier use.

As requested, the Accounts Payable Check Batch Routine has been streamlined and made more user-friendly and intuitive.

This enhancement only affects G2 Users.

To See the Improved Check Batch Manager, users must be signed into G2.

In G2 Accounting> Accounts Payable> Manage Check Batches, enter some information in the Selection Criteria section in the upper left of the window that will populate the Vendor Summary detail gird with Vendors who are owed payment.

Next right-click on one of the vendors listed, and a small window should display listing the choices. Notice the confusing check boxes beside the Vendor Codes have been eliminated and the buttons in the Actions section become available and unavailable at the appropriate times in the process of creating checks.

Check Batch Processing

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