Service: Estimate Manager Now Show Unit Desc without Stock No

G2 – Service

Work Order Estimate Manager Should Show Unit Details if No Stock Number.

The Work Order Estimate Manager now shows the Unit description in the Stock field at the bottom of the screen even when no Stock number displays in the detail grid. Units that were purchased by Customers elsewhere or before the Dealership started using the IDS Astra system would not have a Stock number with complete details about the unit. The description of this type of Unit can be entered in the Estimate, which will Save the information in the Customer file.

This new feature is only available in G2.

In G2 Service> Work Orders > Manage Estimates, put your cursor on an Estimate that is displaying no Stock # in the detail grid. Now look at the bottom of the screen in the Stock field and notice that no Stock # appears but a valid description of the Unit does appear.

Estimate Manager

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