Checklist: Monthly Checklist for Dealership Service Managers

IDS Guide Service ManagersDealership service departments are busier than ever.  

In any given day, a Service Manager may need to: 

  • Hold a morning meeting with Technicians to identify challenges  
  • Review Technician daily schedule and make sure everyone is clocked into a Work Order 
  • Run a Job Status Report 
  • Review Appointment calendar and make sure appointments are entered properly  
  • Review Technician timecards throughout the day  
  • At end of day, update Technician timecards with billable hours   

And that’s just a glimpse into what’s under the hood for the average service department!  

To help you stay on top of your daily and monthly service responsibilities, we’ve put together a checklist based on our experience working with hundreds of dealership Service Managers.  

This checklist is customizable, so you can add your own to-dos. Download it and pin it up in your workspace to help you stay on top of your ongoing responsibilities.  

Download for free: 

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