Accounting: Adding New Fiscal Periods in Traditional Astra


To help clients understand the error message received when a period needs to be added to the control record.

Astra Product

Traditional Astra


When trying to input a date in a source document (AR invoice, AP invoice, WO, etc.) using a date that has not been added to the fiscal calendar will result in an error message.

New Fiscal Period-1


If this error is received, an accounting period must be added to the fiscal calendar control record before be able to complete the entry.

This can be done by going from the main menu to menu 9 – 6 – 13. Once in this screen ensure the period end date is correct, and then hit return key.

This can be done for as many periods that may be needed to complete the year end verification. This will enable everyone to continue working in the next period without closing the year.

New Fiscal Period-2

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