IDS Customer Support Center Move

As of Monday January 12th, our primary IDS Customer Support Center in St. Petersburg, FL, will be operating at its new location.

With any move, a lot of coordinating and transition is involved. While we are making every effort to ensure all our major communication channels are online first thing Monday morning, there’s always a chance we could experience some technical difficulties, especially with the phone system. If you call our support center and receive a busy signal, or no answer, please try again later or email your support request to

Customer service is our highest priority and we will do everything we can to limit any inconvenience during our transition. Rest assured, the office move will have no impact on our data center, so there will be no access interruption to our Virtual Servers or to our SMS servers.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for your patience.

Mark Jakobsen

Client Services Manager

Integrated Dealer Systems

800-962-7872 ext 186

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