FAQ: Boost Your Business Technology Grant for Canadian RV, Trailer, and Marine Dealers

1. What is the Boost Your Business Technology Grant?

The Boost Your Business Technology Grant is a federal initiative designed for Canadian businesses that want to adopt new technologies to enhance their operations.

It aims to equip Canadian businesses with the necessary resources and knowledge for succeeding in an increasingly digital world.

If you are an RV dealer or a Marine dealer, and you want to enhance your services and processes, then you may consider implementing a software solution like IDS. Contact our sales team by giving us a call at 1-800-769-7425 or email sales@ids-astra.com, and we'll be happy to help you out!

Or, if you are already an IDS customer, you can offset your investment in additional products like IDS Cloud, Service Mobile, Service CRM. Contact the Account Manager for more information.

2. What is meant by “businesses that want to adopt new technologies?”

These are businesses that want to use technology (including but not limited to cybersecurity tools, hardware, and software) to improve their operations.

Dealership management software, such as IDS, would be considered a technology that is eligible for support under the grant.

3. How much funding is available through the grant?

The grant covers up to 90% of the cost of hiring a Digital Advisor, up to a maximum of $15,000 CAD.

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) will determine the size of the grant payment based on the invoice of the final cost of the Digital Adoption Plan as developed by the Digital Advisor.

After the Digital Advisor has helped you develop the Digital Adoption Plan, you can obtain a $100,000 CAD interest-free loan from the Business Development Bank of Canada to help pay for the new technology projects, such as acquiring a dealership management software like IDS.

The cost of the software, installation, and staff training could be potentially offset by the loan, making it a valuable opportunity for Canadian RV, trailer, and marine dealerships.

4. What does a Digital Advisor do?

The Digital Advisor will help you develop a tailored Digital Adoption Plan for your business. They will help determine the digital maturity and business opportunities that can be achieved with the implementation of modern digital technologies.

You must work with a Government of Canada-approved partner to receive the grant.

If approved for the grant and upon your acceptance of the terms of the Grant Agreement, you will have access to the Digital Advisor Marketplace system to help you find a Digital Advisor.

5. Who is eligible for the grant?

To be eligible, you must:

- Be an incorporated business (at the national or provincial level) OR a Canadian resident sole proprietor
- Be a privately-owned, for-profit entity
- Have between 1 – 499 full-time equivalent employees
- Have earned at least $500,000 and not more than $100 million in revenue in 1 of the past 3 years.

6. How do I apply for the Boost Your Business Technology Grant?

Businesses can apply for the grant through the official online portal here: https://ised-isde.canada.ca/site/canada-digital-adoption-program/en

The application process typically involves submitting a detailed project proposal outlining how the new technology will be used to improve business operations, created with the help of the Digital Advisor, and supporting financial documentation.

7. Where can I get more information about the Boost Your Business Technology Grant?

8. Other questions?

Contact our sales team here, and we'll be happy to help you out!

You can also give us a call at 1-800-769-7425 or email sales@ids-astra.com.

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