Checklist: Monthly Checklist for Dealership Parts Managers

Parts and inventory management is an essential role in the dealership “machine”. Guide: Dealership Parts Manager Checklist

When your parts department is running smoothly, everything else runs that much smoother too.  

In any given day, a Parts Manager may need to: 

  • Monitor daily numbers in your DMS Parts Manager   
  • Run daily reports 
  • Review Special Order Requests from Service Department 
  • Review Job Status Codes 
  • Check if parts being received in a timely manner 
  • Check that parts are in the correct location 
  • Run a daily doc and compare it against your budget 

…and who knows what else could come up!  

To help you stay on top of your daily and monthly parts and inventory management responsibilities, we’ve put together a checklist based on our experience working with hundreds of dealership Parts Managers.  

This checklist is customizable, so you can add your own to-dos. Download it and pin it up in your workspace to help you stay on top of your ongoing responsibilities.  

Download for free: 

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