How ArrKann Trailer & RV Centre Uses Personalized Email Marketing to Engage Customers at Scale

ArrKann Trailer & RV Centre is a family-owned, award-winning dealership with six locations across Alberta, Canada. Their team has been committed to enhancing the RV experience for customers and providing them with exceptional service and savings since 1976.


ArrKann has been an integral part of the communities they serve, and Albertans have trusted them with their RV needs for three generations. Their commitment to customers is matched only by their passion for the RV lifestyle.


As a Marketing Manager at ArrKann, Leanne Carrobourg is responsible for communicating that passion and commitment to their customers. But in an increasingly digital world, getting your customers’ attention through email marketing is becoming harder and harder. How can you ensure your message stands out among all other emails?


We spoke with Leanne to learn more about how their dealership has been able to send more relevant, personalized emails to customers and boost their marketing efforts with IDS Engage, our dealer-specific email marketing platform.


What challenges did you face with your previous email marketing software?  

Leanne: “We were doing a lot of uploading of lists from our DMS, and every time we wanted to send an email, we were forced to manually export and import data, which is very time-consuming, and really increases the time it takes to set up and send a marketing email.”


What contributed to your decision to use Engage?

Leanne: “The ability to create segments and dynamics lists using up-to-date G2 DMS customer data is a big one for us.


We have multiple locations throughout the province. Sometimes we need to target just certain areas, certain locations, and then again per salesperson.


It allows us to send an e-mail that looks a little bit more personalized directly from the salesperson, which we find is really effective in getting an even greater respondse.”


“It helps us grow our database and hopefully potential customers because we can now let them know what we’re up to. We try to send not just sales emails; we try to send more valuable content as well to keep them engaged.”


Since using Engage, how have found the process of creating personalized emails?

Leanne: “Engage is convenient because it pulls customer data right from our DMS and CRM.


We could create a customer segment and it would populate the lists with customers from our DMS and update automatically over time as customer data changes in their DMS and CRM.


It makes your life so much easier in that you can just quickly create those lists and be on your way. You don’t want to be spending hours and hours on an e-blast, that’s for sure. Anything that makes it quicker is definitely a huge help.”


Do you have any advice for others looking to implement an email marketing solution like Engage?

Leanne: “It’s the quickest way to grow your database and the quickest way to reach customers directly. We find that emails are still one of the best ways to reach our customers more directly without overwhelming them too much.”


Want to find out how Engage can boost your email marketing? 

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