IDS Launches RECT 2.0, Providing Dealers with a Comprehensive Efficiency Reporting in the RV and Marine Industries

Wake Forest, NC, May 25, 2021– Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS), a leading RV, marine, and trailer dealership software provider, is delighted to announce the release of RECT 2.0, the latest version of their RECT Reporting solution.

“IDS prides itself in being the fuel that drives dealers forward,” says Frank Tamburrini, General Manager at IDS. “We are excited to provide comprehensive, valuable insights that our dealers can use to make key improvements to their business, to help them thrive in the changing market.”

IDS RECT Reporting gives RV and Marine dealers unparalleled insights to help them make improvements at their dealerships. With IDS RECT, dealers are provided a free monthly report pinpointing the main bottlenecks in their repair event cycle. Not only that, but using an anonymous and aggregate format, dealers can compare their results to that of other dealers across the country and in their region.

“We use the IDS RECT report on a monthly basis to spot our shortcomings and improve the service we are providing to our customers,” says Mike Reagan from Crestview RV. “The IDS RECT report has helped our industry by giving us real data, so we can all work together to solve our customers’ frustration of not having their RV repaired in a timely fashion.”

RECT 2.0 Reporting includes some key improvements:

  • The impact “out of stock” parts and “warranty coverage” have on their repair cycles
  • Historical data to spot trends and aide in forecasting
  • The top work orders for each bottleneck
  • The RECT time of their top brands
  • The delivery (or lead) times of the top vendors
  • Average RECT by Service Advisor

“We’re very excited to release the latest rendition of our popular Repair Event Cycle Time reports, RECT 2.0,” says Don Miller, Senior Consultant at IDS. “With the new release, dealers can expect to receive a more complete analysis with additional metrics and there is a new group report that will allow dealers with multiple locations to see them all on a single page report.”

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About IDS

IDS (Integrated Dealer Systems) is one of the leading providers of complete software solutions for marine, RV, and trailer dealerships. With over 10,000 software users in dealerships across North America, IDS has set the standard for quality and customer satisfaction for 30 years.