Our Team Talks About RECT In RV Daily Report’s New Podcast: Check It Out!

RECT Podcast with IDS and RV DailyWe are pleased to announce that Scott Kipp, our Product Manager, and Don Miller, our Senior Business Consultant, both participated in RV Daily Report’s weekly podcast hosted by Greg Gerber, the editor of the publication to discuss about RECT reports in RV.

Kipp and Miller are both involved in rolling out our new Repair Event Cycle Time (RECT) reporting tool, which allows dealers to:

  • See how their RECT compares to that of their industry partners
  • Understand the impact of parts availability and warranty coverage on their repair time
  • Drill down to specifics, including individual work orders, part numbers and labor hours
  • Review historical data via numerous charts and graphs to spot trends and aide forecasting

“Repair Event Cycle Time has become a major concern for the industry,” said Miller during the podcast. “Because the longer the RV units are in the service department, the longer the customers are without their vehicle, which makes them unhappy, obviously.”

“RECT is a tool to help IDS customers get better use out of the core product that we provide,” said Kipp. “So, the software side of it simply extracts the data about their service department and then provides trends analyses and benchmarks against other IDS customers who have also submitted their data to us, so they can see how they are performing, timewise, within their dealership and against their peers.”

In the podcast, Kipp and Miller provide further details on how all this data can help RV dealers and service managers identify and remove the bottlenecks that slow down their service, and in turn, serve their customers faster.

You can view a sample RECT report.

If you’d like to listen to the podcast, visit RV Daily Report’s official website.

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