How Leading Dealers Use RECT to Solve Their Key Service Bottlenecks

IDS RECT & Partner logoWake Forest, NC, October 08, 2019Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS), a leading RV and marine dealership software provider, is pleased to announce that several leading dealers in North America have successfully utilized the IDS Repair Event Cycle Time (RECT) report to pinpoint and solve key bottlenecks within their shops.

We use the RECT report on a monthly basis to spot our shortcomings and improve the service we are providing to our customers,” said Mike Reagan from Crestview RV. “The RECT report has helped our industry by giving us real data, so we can all work together to solve our customers’ frustration of not having their RV repaired in a timely fashion.”

Brian Wilkins from Wilkins RV also had plenty of praise for RECT.

I think the biggest thing the reports have provided for us is a conversation starter,” he said. “They provide us with a basis for discussing RECT at our monthly admin meetings. It has gotten staff to begin thinking on this topic at a higher level, and hopefully, it will result in us providing our customers with a better experience.”

RECT’s impact on the industry has not gone unnoticed. Last year, the General Manager of IDS, Sean Raynor, was the recipient of the RVDA Chairman’s Service Award for his work on RECT. It has also already received plenty of publicity within the industry.

We’ve been working very closely with RVDA and RVIA to make RECT into what it is today,” said Raynor. “Service delays are a huge concern for the industry because of their direct impact on the customer experience. So, we’ve developed RECT to help dealers pinpoint the root causes of those delays, so that they can rectify them before they cost them more business.”

The biggest advantage of RECT is that it allows both RV and marine dealers to anonymously compare their service department data to that of other dealers across North America. This in turn enables them to see where they stand in relation to their industry partners and understand the impact of key bottlenecks, such as parts availability and warranty coverage, on their repair time.

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