RVBusiness RISE Awards Recognize IDS for Industry-Wide Impact of RECT

RVBusiness RISE Awards Wake Forest, NC, February 10, 2020Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS), a leading RV, Marine and Trailer dealership software provider, is pleased to receive special recognition from the RVBusiness RISE (Recognizing Innovation & Supplier Excellence) Awards for the development of the RECT (Repair Event Cycle Time) Reporting tool.

Though the RISE Awards are meant for industry suppliers, the enormous impact of IDS RECT has prompted the judges to unexpectedly recognize a software provider for the first time ever.

Available to IDS dealership management software users, RECT provides RV dealers with monthly reports on their unit repair speed, so that they can pinpoint and address their biggest service bottlenecks.

In addition, dealers can anonymously compare this data to that of other dealers in North America, as there are currently 180 dealers that share their repair data through RECT, with close to 20,000 work orders analyzed each month.

Top dealers across the industry have already praised RECT’s applicability on multiple occasions.

[RECT] put a spotlight on an issue that’s been affecting our entire industry,” said Mike Regan, the General Manager of Crestview RV. “Now that we know the exact effects of the key service bottlenecks, I’m excited to start working with manufacturers to fix them.”

Brian Wilkins from Wilkins RV also had plenty to say about RECT.

I think the biggest thing the reports have provided for us is a conversation starter,” he said. “They provide us with a basis for discussing RECT at our monthly admin meetings. It has gotten staff to begin thinking on this topic at a higher level, and hopefully, it will result in us providing our customers with a better experience.”

This isn’t the first time RECT has been recognized by the industry in a major way. Last year, the General Manager of IDS, Sean Raynor, was the recipient of the RVDA Chairman’s Service Award for his work on RECT.

RVBusiness will highlight the RISE Award winners in the March/April edition of the magazine. In addition, the winners will be featured in a special episode of “Rollin’ On TV” that will air alongside the RVBusiness issue.

This year, IDS is also adding brand comparison reports to RECT, which allow dealers to compare unit repair key performance indicators (KPIs), side by side, for top RV brands in North America.

Those curious about IDS RECT and its latest additions can learn more here:

RECT Brand Comparison Report

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