How Fast is Your Service? See the National & Regional RECT Averages Now

Would you like to find out the biggest bottlenecks when it comes to Repair Event Cycle Time (or RECT) and how they impact RV dealers across the US and your region? Then we have some data to show you!

But Before We Dig in, Let’s Properly Define RECT…

As you know, each work order has a start date and a completion date. We define RECT as the amount of time that passes between those two dates. Or in more basic terms – it’s the amount of time it takes to repair a unit at your shop.

Between your start and completion dates, you have several other key dates – your first and last labor dates and your “parts ordered” and “parts received” dates.

Once we started collecting our RECT data from dealers across the US, we’ve noticed an interesting trend – all these dates tend to get significantly delayed due to parts availability and warranty coverage, which makes them the two biggest bottlenecks for most shops. And as a result, RECT suffers.

Our RECT reports, which we built for our customers on a monthly basis, show how exactly these bottlenecks impact their dealership. While we can’t share their personal data with you, we can show you the national and regional averages (for the month of February):

RECT Infographic

I Don’t See the Regional Data… Where is It?

Since we can’t guess your exact region, please let us know, and we’ll show you the data.

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