RV Industry Statistics Dealers Should Know About in 2021

Last year was full of challenges for many businesses, and it was no different for dealerships. From dealership shutdowns, to managing remote teams, to parts shortages, to delays—many dealers were forced to think fast and adopt new processes to keep their businesses moving along.

But despite the challenges, many dealership businesses were able to not only stay afloat but thrive in 2020. In fact, the RV industry is expected to grow by 7% between 2019-2025. In 2020 alone, North American RV sales rose by 4.5%.

How have so many dealerships managed to maintain and even grow their business in 2020?

In the face of unprecedented circumstances, many dealers embraced new technologies and solutions for maintaining operations, staffing and customer service.

We can expect the changes dealers made in 2020 to carry on into 2021.

Here are some RV statistics dealers should know in 2021:


RV industry trends infographic

1. Managing Leads and Ensuring They’re Being Contacted

Did you know that 50% of leads are not contacted?
That’s a lot of money being paid to lead providers, with no return for your business.
Not all leads are equal. Dealers need to figure out which leads are serious and which are better off being dropped.
That’s why many dealers are investing in a better, more robust CRM that integrates with their other technologies.

2. Accepting Online Payments Securely

In 2020, many dealers had to rely on their online operations to keep their businesses running. In the current market, writing credit card numbers down on sticky notes won’t cut it.
Secure online payment services like Gravity Payments, our trusted partner, allow dealers to securely request payments and store credit cards.

3. Integrating Your Business’s Technology

Integrated tech isn’t new for the RV industry—but in 2021 and beyond, it’s more important than ever.
There are a lot of benefits to making sure all your departments are connected within one system—from F&I, to Sales, to Services:
– You can improve communication
– You can collect heaps of data to resolve issues
– You can provide better customer service
Many dealerships are looking for systems that not only integrate their departments but also their other systems.
For example, at IDS, we integrate with tech platforms like Podium, Kenect and OptionSoft, among many others.

4. Embracing Cloud-Based Solutions

There are still a lot of misconceptions about cloud tech in the RV industry. Many business owners are concerned that by using cloud tech, they’ll be “giving up control” of their business.
At IDS, we believe the opposite—and many of our customers agree.
Cloud tech gives you the opportunity to unload a host of responsibilities. One of the biggest benefits we’ve heard from customers is that cloud tech lowers IT costs by cutting down on staff time needed to maintain servers onsite and conduct updates.

5. Increasing Tech Efficiency

Finding good technicians is hard enough. On top of that, many dealerships also face the challenge of their techs being too distracted from doing their actual work.
That’s why more and more dealers are looking for tools to mitigate issues like re-entering work orders or taking pictures and needing to upload them into the system.

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