Jason Brock

IDS is proud to recognize another employee who has earned a college degree with the help of the company’s tuition reimbursement program.  Software developer Jason Brock recently graduated from the University of Phoenix with a degree in Information Technology, majoring in Software Engineering.  What makes this achievement impressive is that Jason managed to complete his degree in […]

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Inventory control goals

Once you’ve accurately counted and organized your inventory, it’s essential to set attainable goals that will allow you to gain control and plan for the future. Offer an incentive plan for your Parts Manager We’ve mentioned before that the main reason you probably aren’t keeping good tabs on your inventory is because it’s too time […]

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Inventory plans

Now that you have your guidelines set, it’s time to keep the process moving and plan for the future. Again, one of the biggest problems Jeff Sheets sees is that dealers are reluctant to plan ahead or have goals when it comes inventory. If you just put all this work into counting, getting rid of […]

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Set min max levels

Setting up minimum and maximum ordering levels for your parts is going to provide you with the most headway in maintaining inventory control. By setting these levels, you’re putting parameters on your parts so that you don’t go too far over or under in ordering a certain item. Therefore, it’s extremely important to go through […]

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Set inventory goals

As a business owner, your whole livelihood is based around goals. You probably wouldn’t be running a business right now if you didn’t have them. So why wouldn’t you have concrete goals for your inventory? Sheets says a problem he often sees is that dealers don’t take a goal-oriented approach to what they want to […]

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Guidelines for Service Advisor

We’ve mentioned before that the main reason you probably aren’t keeping good tabs on your inventory is because it’s too time consuming and not something that you want to commit to. Owners are salespeople. They don’t want to do the administrative aspect of the business. That’s why you’ve got to put your trust into someone […]

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Organize inventory

How to stock new products While as important as you think a new product may be, don’t base your purchasing decisions off of a gut feeling. You need to make some concrete decisions before you even consider adding new parts into your inventory and Schreibfeder recommends you look at the following items: Don’t let surplus […]

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Dead Inventory

If you’re going to get serious about any one aspect of your inventory, getting rid of dead and slow-moving items must be a top priority. Think about it, you paid for every item that is stocked on your shelves and the only way you’re going to get any of it back is to sell it. […]

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