How to write a job description and hire the right people

Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and beyond still dream about the “killer app” but, what does it take to have a “killer business” in the dealer world? It is all about people. Justin Howard from Russel Marine in Central Alabama says, “It starts off from the top. You’ve got to have great management, and then the […]

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Journal 4 Ways to Plan Inventory Several Months in Advance

The military saying “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is very true in the context of dealership inventory management. According to dealership consultant Jeff Sheets, many dealers are reluctant to plan ahead when it comes to their inventory, which means that it’s never quite as organized as it should be. As discussed […]

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How to Address Employee Communication Issues in Your Dealership

After surveying multiple dealers across North America on what they consider to be their biggest challenges, dealership expert Michael Rees has seen the word “communication” come up quite often. In particular, many dealers seem to struggle with establishing communication among their employees and across multiple departments. The lack of proper communication can have an enormous […]

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How to Maximize Your Parts Sales During the Busy Season banner

Most RV and marine dealers have about 100 out of 365 days to make most of their profits for the year. That’s what many of us refer to as the “busy season.” So, if for some reason you don’t sell enough units or parts during that time period, you can lose quite a bit of […]

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Ideal Team Player

Finding the right people to work at your dealership is often a tough and time-consuming undertaking. What’s even harder is understanding which employees you should keep and which ones you should let go. It’s easy to see your employees in black and white – hard-working people do their jobs well, while the lazy and incompetent […]

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Interact with People in a Friendly Manner

Hiring the right Service Writer can be tricky, given how sensitive their job really is. After all, they are in contact with your customers more than anyone else, and it’s their responsibility to ensure that your customers’ equipment servicing needs are properly looked after. It’s an important job, and if mishandled, it can have serious […]

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