IDS’ Menu Selling Options Boost Sales for Capital RV Center

“Before Capital RV Center got FIpoint, we used a menu system for F&I, but it wasn’t as comprehensive as FIpoint. With the old system, we presented all our F&I products on paper, which often wasn’t powerful enough to make customers purchase. The multimedia two-monitor system of FIpoint is so user-friendly and engages the customer. It eliminates numerous printouts and makes presenting F&I options more appealing, simple, and profitable.”

“I had a tough customer who had not purchased any F&I in the past, except for paint & sealant warranties. When I used FIpoint to present our menu options, it convinced him to buy a whole package! We’re very happy to have IDS Dealer Management Software’s FIpoint at our dealership. It’s worked very well in the six months we’ve had it and we expect even more returns as we continue using it.”

Mike Schmidt
Finance Director,
Capital RV Center, Inc.
Bismarck, ND

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